Tuesday, December 4, 2018

RELICBLADE - Underground Quest

Relicblade, the medieval fantasy game created by Sean Sutter, has become one of my favorite skirmish game sets thanks to the mechanics of its rules, the ease of having all the characteristics of the characters summarized in a delicious handmade illustrated reference card, the quality and details of its miniatures (with a very “Disney's Black Cauldron” design) and much more.
With Relicblade, you only needs a handful of figures for each side to enjoy a while  in the different and varied adventures that propose their scenarios or campaigns.

The new Kickstarter campaign, which I have not been able to resist, will bring two new bands to the universe of Relicblade, enriching the universe of the game and the variety of its miniatures and settings
First the arrival of the wild elves and tree men of the kingdom of Lostwood,  who form a new band which will make use of the powers of nature to fight for good.
The second gang is the race of the Moldorf dwarves, who live underground and suspects that on the surface there is an inhabited world that is worth exploring and conquering.

Participate in the kickstarter is a good way to introduce yourself in the growing community of players that form the universe of Relicblade and discover an elegant and different game system born from the imagination of its creator and the increased support of a devout community of players, away from other game systems offered and supported by powerful commercial brands. Relicblade is in every way (design rules and miniatures, illustrations, marketing, bagging and shipping of the products!!!) the result of a dream come true by its creator, Sean Sutter. 

But hurry up because the campaign ends next December 9!

To mitigate the impatient arrival of the new kickstarter bands I’ve send my heroes of the Lone Guard into a quest in a mysterious catacombs to search for treasures guarded by deadly traps and Battle Pigs, declared enemies of human race.

A quest into the unknown
The daring heroes
The feared enemies
First steps into the menacing maze
Rush to the combat
First clash
Painful losses
Sudden ambushes
Useful magic items
Deadly traps
"Yes, wonderfull things"

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