Monday, April 14, 2014


I bought the Tannhauser board game several years ago. I was intrigued by the universe and specially by the miniatures of the game. As soon as I've read the rules for the characters I was involved by the confrontation between the Reich and his weird capabilities and the Union superior technology equipment. The scenarios proposed were located in remote and strange locations around a distopian world, setting in a world war one extended in the time.

The arrival of new factions introduce new options and different capabilities in the game as new settings  and locations and the scenarios proposed in the rules were always interesting and very evocative.
Regrettably, the game mechanism it's not perfect. The Pathfinder system handicapped the appealing visual of the boards and the intensive use of tokens needed to play the game made a game session very tedious because you need so many time to prepare and little time to complete it.

So I stored the game catching dust in my junk room after bought several expansions and figures... until now. Why?

The apparition of the Pulp Alley rules made me think about recover the Tannhauser miniatures and its universe, the best of the game, and use them with this rules who works very well with few characters per band. 

I like very much the Shōgunate faction and my extended collection of jungle scenery made perfect for try the rules with them. 

The chosen scenario is a confrontation in a remote Pacific Island between the Union and the Shōgunate factions for retrieve vital information about a hidden facility. The entry to the laboratory is a bunker in the middle of the board, so I used the "Race against Time"  scenario from the Pulp Alley rules that seems perfect to this background.

The attacker are a Union commando leads by John McNeal who start the game distributed in the sides of the board. They must control the four minor plot points and avoid the control of the major plot point, (the bunker) by the defender. The defender must complete three challenges plot points in order to win. 

So Itomi, the supernatural Oni, was deployed in contact with the bunker door due to be the best character to overtake the challenges and open the door to the secret facility. The rest of his troops must delay the Union Forces and avoid the control of the minor plot points.

The first titanically struggle to open the heavy steel door of the bunker was overcame by the mighty demon.  

But soon the Union forces were in control of the rest of the minors plot points. 
One of them were placed in the abandoned wreck of a LVTP 4 amtrack stranded near the lagoon. One of the Alpha commandos overcome the perils and take control of this plot point.

Meanwhile Tara Aponi was ambushed by the ninja Mizu Kage but after a furious fight the martial fighter was knocked out by the pretty Union officer.

Several perils await for the characters like in this case the sudden appearance of a poisonous serpent under the foots of the strong Barry Daniel Brown.

The Daymio, Iroh Miramoto suffer the perils of the strange environment that surround the bunker complex.

The efforts of the Oni to penetrate the bunker were cancelled by the combined attack of McNeal, Tara and the Alpha commando that avoid the defense of the Shōgunate troops and defeat the Oni. The Union forces win the confrontation.

What mysteries lies in the darkened corridors of the secret laboratory... Soon in this blog.


  1. Bases transparentes! Sencillamente genial..

  2. Great AAR! I like the transparent bases.

  3. Thank you!

    The bases looks great but you must be careful. Don't use cyanocrilate adhesive, neve